Address at the Official Handover of The Bray Housing Project, Bray – 2000/03/11

Bray, 11 March 2000

Master of Ceremonies,
Premier Popo Molefe,
MECs of the North West Province,
People of Bray and the surrounding community.

I am honoured to be here today as we launch the new housing project and as we celebrate with the winners of the Northwest Provincial Masakhane Presidential Awards.

Today here in Bray we witness the success of co-operative projects between the government, the private sector and the local community. We see with our own eyes what has been done to foster sustainable development at the local level and the potential that exists for even greater achievements to take place.

Although we have gathered here in Bray, we are also celebrating the achievements of the people of Moruleng and Mothutlung. Whilst most of the people of these areas cannot be present to be part of our celebrations, we know they are with us in spirit and through their actions.

We must praise the people of Bray and the surrounding communities for their achievements, for they have instilled in all the people of this area a sense of accomplishment.

This comes from a collective confidence in themselves and a collective will to succeed, a civic pride and a community pride, that is plain for all to see – far and wide – that is part and parcel of our national efforts to instil in our country a national pride and a national identity that holds it own in the world. For it is true as we say in Setswana, Sedikwa ke ntswa pedi ga se thata.

(Nothing is too difficult for those who strive together). For it is only when the community workers, the councillors, the business people, the mothers and fathers, and the youth come together and arrive at a

conscious decision that we must work together to achieve sustainable development that we can say we are on the right road to prosperity.

The people of Bray have stood together and the town is developing to serve the needs of all its people. The Bray Housing Development comprising of 150 houses will ensure that, despite limited resources, the housing needs of the people, especially of the poor, are met. It is of importance that every household will also be able to have individual access to water and electricity supply.

In this way, through this initiative, you are beginning to address some of the challenges of an integrated approach to rural development which has the establishment and improvement of infrastructure as its starting point, and the eradication of poverty and underdevelopment as its ultimate goal. For the Bray Housing Project must also be understood in the context of ensuring a sustainable rural economy.

I have been told that through the Bray Equity Scheme, which is one of the co-operative projects we salute today, people are acquiring an interest in farming properties and related commercial operations. In this way, you are creating the conditions for the creation of jobs in secondary industries.

We applaud your efforts in working together and empowering yourselves to ensure the development of a thriving rural economy. We have said that our task is to ensure that by 2010 the rural areas attain the internal capacity for integrated and sustainable economic and social development.

Today we are also honouring the people of Moruleng and Mothutlung for their dedication and extraordinary community work. In the village of Moruleng, I am told, there is a deep awareness and a conscious and collective effort to conserve our environment. The people of this community in partnership with the private sector have benefited through the programmes run by the Pilanesberg Environmental Education Centre; for these have inculcated in the community a consciousness of our environment and a pride in community culture. In fact the community has gone as far as to buy land in order to develop it into a tribal game reserve.

We salute the people of Moruleng for their stirling efforts. In the Mothutlung area in Brits, another commendable project is taking place. For the local government has come together with the local community in order to find solutions to the housing needs of the community.

Here too the approach has been not only to provide houses, but to make provision for a primary school, a

creche, a business site and places of worship. In this way, the people will benefit in far-reaching ways and be able to take their future into their own hands.

We need to tell all the people of South Africa to come and see the progress made here in the Bray Community, in the village of Moruleng and in the Mothutlung area in Brits.

Every morning in our cities we hear and see the news of the globe, and yet we are not told of the success stories of our local communities which we witness here today.

It is time that the people of Bray, of Moruleng and Mothutlung be recognised and acknowledged for their contributions in making our country a better place and creating a better life for all/ The most extraordinary things done by ordinary people are what we should tell one another and the world. It is up to us to interpret our world and to make sense of it to others.

The challenge fro all us of us here today and to all the media in our land is how best to disseminate to the nation and to the world the results of the hard work of the people of our local communities, the exemplary efforts of the people of remote areas such as Bray, Moruleng and Mothutlung.

For here is proof that if communities are given a decisive share in their state of affairs, they will succeed and their projects will flower.

It is from humble beginnings at local level that great things begin and great nations are built.

Sedikwa ke ntswa pedi ga se thata. This is what we must broadcast to the world I thank you for your kind hospitality.

Issued by: Office of the Presidency


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