Ukhule Ungakhokhobi Zizi Omhle : A Birthday wish for our Patron President Thabo Mbeki

Thabo belongs to those who have left a strong impact on the destiny of liberty and dignity, loving humanity and unfailing dream of Africa’s Renaissance.

On the occasion of his birthday we pause to thank God for his life, his love , care and being such a wonderful gift to humanity. We pause to celebrate a life of this towering figure , umde ngeentonga. We take a moment to reflect on his teachings and influence to many in our Country and the African Continent.

Thabo an accomplished Politician , Freedom Fighter par excellence ,  Pan Africanist, Patriot , Role Model , Distinguished Statesmen and an Outstanding African whose name shall forever remain indelible in the annals of history continues to this day to be a shining light so that Africa may never regain the title of being a dark Continent.

We have a rare privilege of calling you our own and able to say to you thank you for what have you done done for this Nation and this Continent.

On behalf of our Board , Our Partners , Our Fellows , Staff and all of us who have been inspired by your sincerity , honesty , loyalty to values and principles and your outstanding leadership we wish you A HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND A CONTINUED CELEBRATION UNTIL THE NEXT BIRTHDAY.



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