TMF Welcomes Its New Head Of Communications.

The Thabo Mbeki Foundation (TMF)  is pleased to welcome Mr Thami Ntenteni as its new Head of Communications, effect from April 1, 2017.

 Thami is a seasoned communications practitioner with a career spanning over three decades , having received his Journalism Training in Russia, Germany and Canada whilst in Exile before joining Radio Freedom in Angola and later Tanzania after helping to establish it in Madagascar and Ethiopia.

 It was during his work at Radio freedom as part of the ANC’s Department of Information and Publicity that he worked closely with the Head of the DIP, Thabo Mbeki and other senior members of the ANC within the DIP , Pallo Jordan , Sizakele Sigxashe and the late Victor Moche.

On his return to South Africa , he joined the Office of the then Deputy President Thabo Mbeki as Director of Communications , helping to reorganize and reorientate the then Department of Communication Services into the present day GCIS . Thami later joined the SABC as Head of Public Service Radio responsible for all 18 SABC radio stations.

 “At a time when depth , disrespect for the truth and facts in the public commentary, we are glad to have Thami in our midst to assist with placing the Foundations perspective in the center of public discourse both at home and across the African Continent and the rest of the world.”, said Max Boqwana,  CEO of TMF.

Being at the TMF is like returning home for me and I am looking forward to adding my humble contribution to the Foundations Mission of advancing the ideal of Africa’s Renaissance and to keep the conversations about this ideal alive , relevant and topical” said Mr Ntenteni .

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