A Congratulatory Message To A Special Son Of Africa: Thabo Mbeki On The Occasion Of His 75th Birthday.

On this day many years ago , the Gods must have descended on earth to witness the birth of their very own special and wonderful creation . I am confident that they are looking down through the heavens today on this special day of your birth, admiring the beautiful Gift to Africa you’ve developed to be . A selfless servant of the masses of this great Continent.

We thank God for keeping you , protecting you and giving you strength and courage to stand for what is right , always telling the truth and to selflessly serve our beloved Continent. We cannot sufficiently express our gratitude enough for sacrificing your youth for us , for committing your adulthood for our interest , for teaching us to love ourselves and our Continent and to serve our people and Continent with no expectation of personal returns and acclaim.

As we celebrate your birthday we wish to promise you that your teachings, actions and your example will be immersed in our own actions as we act as midwives for a new Africa, as Mqhayi waseNtabozuko when he says that:

These days are not far,
When we will learn ,
Understand the sign of times,
When ignorance will be gone .

On that day we will love our color,
On that day we will be proud of our culture ,
On that day we will respect our kings ,
On that day we will love our people .

On that day we will be proud of our young women,
On that day we will admire the trees of our land ,
On that day we will delight at the sight of our mountains,
On that day we will be proud of our religion and
Yes will be be proud to unequivocally proclaim ourselves as Africans.

Long life to you the inspiration of our Continent and may you live long to witness Africa emerging from Yesterday’s nightmare into a bright dream of Tomorrow.

All of us at the Thabo Mbeki Foundation , the Advisory Council , the Board of Trustees and the staff are privileged to have you as our Patron. We know this nation and this Continent still looks at your direction for wisdom and guidance and therefore as much as we claim you to belong to us, you rightly belong to the peoples of our Continent.

We therefore wish you strength , good health , patience and courage as you deal with intractable difficulties facing our people . Happy 75th Birthday Zizi, may you have many more !!!

JUNE 18, 2017

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