Welcome to the TMF Newsletter

By Max Boqwana

We would like to welcome our friends of the Thabo Mbeki Foundation (TMF) to our very first edition of the TMF Newsletter. We hope that you will walk with us as we embark on this new journey as the Foundation.

The Newsletter is a platform which we will use to facilitate discussion and keep you informed about past and upcoming activities of the TMF. In addition to this it will carry a monthly Letter from the Patron, a thought leadership section which will carry opinion pieces from various thought leaders from across the African continent.

Writing in the ANC Today’s Volume 7, No. 29 in 2007, under the title, “Employment equity & the birth of a nation”, President Thabo Mbeki aptly made the point that;

“As South Africans we are living through very interesting times. With our own eyes we see the new struggling to be born. During our lifetime we are exposed to the images of the slow death of the old, and its desperate and hopeless efforts to secure its survival.

And because, for us, every development of significance around us is without precedent, we search constantly and continuously for levels of understanding of our reality and forms of action to respond to this actuality, which would assure us that we are masters, or mistresses, of our destiny.

For this reason, and for those among us who see themselves as agents of progressive change, complete and accurate knowledge, representing accurate understanding of objective reality, liberated from prejudice, false assumptions and propaganda, becomes an imperative and inalienable condition for the untrammelled but responsible exercise of the hard-won right to self-determination.

We have the possibility and latitude and the necessity to speak thus because we live during our own age of revolution. Exactly because it is such an age, all of us face the demand to understand objective reality accurately and objectively, to enable the revolution to decide on the correct strategy, tactics and operations.

In this situation of an inevitable contest about the future of our country, information, facts, the truth, themselves become an area of contestation. The truth manifests itself as truths. Opponents of change see it as their obligatory task to falsify reality, in their interest. The imperative to understand the critical difference, and in some instances the contradiction, between essence and phenomenon becomes ever-more pressing.”

Indeed and quiet correctly, the importance of having access to accurate information and knowledge cannot be overstated in the process of decision making and action.

We hope that our readers will provide us with feedback in an effort to improve the quality of this newsletter and submit their own writings publication.

Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom and a Thousand School of Thought Contend!

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