The Thabo Mbeki Foundation Condemns the attack on the Mosque in Verulam.
May 11, 2018.
The attack on the Mosque in Verulam, north of Durban in which one person was killed and two seriously injured can only be described as an act of sacrilege and terrorism. It is a violation of a sacred place of worship, which is protected by the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.
The Thabo Mbeki Foundation would like to add its voice in the condemnation of this vile and despicable act which has shocked and horrified the people of South Africa.
The depth of depravity and lack of human compassion by the perpetrators of this crime can only be understood through the expression of a man who arrived at the scene and described it as resembling “a slaughterhouse.”
South Africa as a country and a democracy prides itself for being a place of religious tolerance, where all religions have been practiced and coexisted side by side in peace and harmony for many years. Our country is renowned and celebrated for its intolerance of racial and religious bigotry.
The people of South Africa must see the attack on the Mosque in Verulam not only as an attack on people who belong to the faith of Islam, but as an attack on all religions and our constitutional right to a religion, belief and faith of our choosing.
The Thabo Mbeki Foundation calls upon the people of South Africa to condemn this criminal act in the strongest terms possible. We must rally behind our Muslim brothers and sisters and defend the right of each one of us to practice the religion of our choice.
Issued by the Thabo Mbeki Foundation.
Any further inquiries must be directed to:
Thami Ntenteni. Head of Communication of the Thabo Mbeki Foundation.
Mobile number: 083 256 3586
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