Message of Condolences on the Passing of Professor Bongani Mayosi.

The Thabo Mbeki Foundation joins millions of South Africans, the peoples of Africa and the rest of the world in mourning the untimely passing of the Esteemed Member of the Order of Mapungubwe, Professor Bongani Mayosi, who died on Friday July 27, 2018.

This outstanding and beautiful Pan-African and human mind whom reactionary philosophers like David Hume thought and projected as “naturally inferior” because, as Hume claimed, he and the rest of us, Africans, belong to a people who possess “No ingenious manufactures, … arts [and] sciences,” amply and proved this canard grossly wrong when he became one of the world’s leading medical scientists, researchers and teachers, specialised in cardiology.

In the course of his vocation as an outstanding scientist, Prof Mayosi discovered the genetic mutation that causes heart failure, thus shining the light on one of humanity’s health threats that have troubled previous and current generations.

Prof Mayosi was a true humanist! He fitted the perspective so well articulated by the late Brazilian prelate, Father Paulo Evaristo Arns of São Paulo: “Solving social problems is the proof of whether we are civilized or not”.

The sacrifices he made were for the benefit of humanity!

As such, throughout his short life, he experienced no petty, limited and selfish joy!

Prof Mayosi’s happiness, as his discomfort, belonged and will always be the property of the millions who are so much poorer without him.

His deeds and his pain will indeed live perpetually!

In this regard, we are very happy that there are many among the South African and African medical practitioners and intelligentsia, like the Harambee collective, who are determined practically to emulate the invaluable example which Professor Mayosi set.

The Patron of the Thabo Mbeki Foundation, President Thabo Mbeki, the Board and Staff of the Foundation convey their sincere condolences to the Mayosi family, his friends and colleagues.

May his soul rest in eternal peace!

Issued by the Thabo Mbeki Foundation

July 30, 2018.

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